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Stryker Opti-Mat

Rating: Not Rated Yet
Manufacturer: Stryker Canada Inc

Features and Benefits:

  • Overlapping layers of foam with varying IFD ratings ensure good support and excellent distribution of the body mass
  • High quality, high density polyurethane foams ensure excellent pressure management as well as long term performance
  • Central lumbar support
  • Firmer foam perimeter with a higher IFD rating increases safety by preventing patients from rolling toward the edge of the bed
  • The ultra pliant mattress cover reduces the risk of friction and shear - Fluid proof and airtight - Antibacterial and antifungal - Anti-static and non allergenic - Self-extinguishing (NQ CA-117) - Identification and maintenance label on the mattress
  • Latex free

Model 2400

  • Reversible
  • Different IFD ratings on each side of the mattress enhance patient's comfort depending on weight or skin condition
  • Choice of nylon or polyurethane stretch covers
  • Four handles
  • GUARANTEE: 7 yrs

Model 2800

  • Non reversible
  • Top layer consists of viscoelastic foam that molds to body contours enhancing overall mass distribution
  • Cover made of ultra pliant stretch polyurethane fabric
  • Four handles
  • GUARANTEE: 5 yrs